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GoodGood snacks and beverages

Kind-of-secret November 2021 launch to friends + fam

What the heck is GoodGood, why did you start it, and what are you building?!

So glad you asked! It all started when we realized how the instant commerce industry was leaving local behind. As big fans of supporting smaller artisans and makers, that didn’t sit right. 

So we created GoodGood: a (soon-to-be) café/happy hour spot/market/delivery option to help you discover new curated items, local faves, and specialty snacks - and still get them fast. We’re about connecting you with makers through authentic online and retail experiences, making your life a little easier, a little more convenient, and a little more delightful. While we’re at it, we’re gonna give back to our communities, speak up for people’s rights, and fight for the good causes. The world needs more good and that’s what we are all about.

Check out our locally curated bevys, snacks, and everyday essentials (and some non-essentials too), available in-store soon, or delivered to you in under an hour.

This sounds simply marvelous! And did I hear something about a 50% off promo..?

You did! Just like mom always says, "You won't know what doesn't work on your website until you try it!" So, please explore our brand new website. Take a look. Poke around. Think of our site as your ex's medicine cabinet at a very busy party. 

And since we, you know, sell stuff, we'd love for you to put our ordering through the paces. So, we're offering 50% off every order through the month of November, just for you (and anyone else we send this to I guess).

Just enter in your email in the form below and tell us which amazing team member told you about it. You should get an email within a few minutes with the code to access the promotion. Yes, it's just that easy.

There's just oooooone more thing: our instant delivery (1 hour) range is a bit limited right now (5km from our store near Adelaide & Spadina), so there's a chance you may be too far for. It's okay: you can still order same day/next day delivery across most of the GTA, and we'll be adding more stores reallyreallyreally soon, so add your email and we'll let you know when that is.

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