Saison - Small Cans 6 Pack

Saison - Small Cans 6 Pack

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Burdock Tuesday Saison 3 x 355 ml

You'll taste notes of clove, fresh straw, pineapple and spice from the yeast. Aromas of herbs bring in a deep earthiness, giving way to a dry yet full-bodied flavour with a dry finish. This beer is the pinnacle of cleanliness and delicateness in our lineup! ABV: 5.3%

Burdock Monday Saison 3 x 355 ml

A very sessionable beer, Monday Saison will release a refreshingly rustic flavour of lychee and white peaches. It is brewed with flaked wheat and a generous helping of our house yeast strain, known for its aromas of white wine grapes. The earthy qualities are balanced by the addition of traditional saison yeast and dry hopped with Citra & Mosaic hops during conditioning. ABV: 3.2%


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