Line Drawing

Line Drawing

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Line Drawing is spontaneously fermented cider, macerated on orange wine skins (Riesling, Gewürtz, Hyslop) for 2 months.

These skins were used to make our favourite orange wine of the year: Luna. Our native microflora has turned this textured cider into a sweet and salty disco party.

What's it like?: It drinks like an echo of orange wine, but a big echo. It's weighty and textured, just like you'd expect from a wine that spent months on skins. It has soft, smooth tannins, restrained acidity, distinct honeycomb and peach/lychee aromas. Notes of sweet lemon rind bring it all together.

It's kind of like stripping the flowers off of a yarrow plant, tannic white tea, and farmhouse honeycomb all rolled into one.

Line Drawing is always one of our favourite tiny, tiny releases of the year. This year is no different. 57 cases made.

ABV: 8.4%

Volume: 750ml

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