What the heck is GoodGood anyway?

We're about connecting local makers with community, making everyone's lives a little easier and a lot more delightful.  ✌️

Handpicked items

Enjoy curated picks from from our team. We're here to help you discover your new local fave brand, brew or go to snack.

The GoodGood way

We believe in the good stuff: Buying local. Supporting our community. Paying fair wages. And always saying thank you.

Lightning fast delivery

At home? Get it delivered in 30-60 minutes. Out and about? Come by our cafes, shop in-store, and stay for a drink or two. 


Your go-to for curated everything

We’re here to create a new future for local commerce, and we’re thinking big. Less selling at people, and more connecting with people. Our ultimate goal is to connect local makers with their community through authentic online and retail experiences, making their lives a little easier, a little more convenient, and a little more delightful. GoodGood’s handpicked selection of makers reflects our community.

Locally curated coffee, beverages, snacks, and everyday essentials (and okay, some non-essentials too) that are available in-store, and can be delivered to you in under an hour? Nice. But community is about more than just coming to you, it’s about offering a destination for discovery and connection: and that’s exactly what our neighbourhood cafés are about. Each element of the space is intentionally designed to spark curiosity. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee welcomes you, while our functional design allows communities to come together. Aspirational? Maybe. We told you we’re thinking big.

The future of convenience, quality, and community is here, and if you ask us, it sounds GoodGood.

Take a look around and see if anything excites your senses, and hey, you can always hit us up on social for a recommendation or two.

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Not to toot our own horns or anything...

We're super proud of all the hard work we've been doing, and we're excited to share it with you! A quick glance at the support we've received so far helps motivate us when our website crashes, a shipment is late, or a joke we worked very hard on in our newsletter fell completely flat (still gives me nightmares). You can check out some of the great coverage that we're very grateful to have received: we call this our cookie jar that we can reach into when we need a lil' treat, and we highly recommend creating a collection for yourself of all the stuff your mom is probably really proud of you for, you angel.

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