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Discover new favourites from your BFF, Annie Briggs.

Discover new favourites & do some good with our friend Annie Briggs.

Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Annie Briggs' Twitter bio describes her as an actor, writer, filmmaker, and human woman, but honestly, we think she's selling herself short. This vibrant gal with a heart just as big as her curls can be spotted in the new Chucky series, and is best known for her work in Carmilla, Wharf Rats, and ClaireVoyant.

Annie has picked some of her favourites from GoodGood.... and 25% of the proceeds will be going to charity!

AND you'll get 25% off when you try some of her picks or shop GoodGood with code ANNIEBRIGGS

Annie's charity of choice: The 519 is a Toronto-based charity committed to the health, happiness, and full participation of the LGBTQ2S communities. From refugee settlement to counselling, The 519 serves the people of Toronto by supporting happy, fulfilling LGBTQ2S lives. Ya gotta love it.


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To help you out, we've called upon a couple super-special pals to put together a few of their faves. Take a look around and see if anything excites your senses, and hey, you can always hit us up on social for some specific recommendations of just what to get your dog walker who's trying to give up sugar yet still has a sweet tooth.

If you'd rather explore yourself, hey, we support that too. We've got a little of everything, from keto-friendly snacks, to sweet little gifts for the people in your life, to tonight's dinner. And we're always bringing in new makers and items, so if you don't see something you want, let us know.

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