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Raising a glass to intentional drinking culture

Sisters Andrea Grand and Katie Fielding are all about celebrating life's moments, big or small. Growing up in a large, blended family, there were always moments of laughter, storytelling, loveable chaos, and spirited conversation. 

For many of us, 'spirited conversation' usually includes spirits... a beer, a cocktail, or a glass of wine that never seems to leave your hand. And while a drink at the end of the day can certainly help take the edge off (parents of young children, I see you), the sisters realized that what matters most isn't a liquid's alcoholic payload, but a capacity to elevate a mood or a moment. When Katie suffered a bad seizure in March 2020 (yeah, that March 2020), she made the decision to drop alcohol from her routine. She didn't miss drinking, but like many people who cut out alcohol - pregnant or nursing people, those who struggle with alcohol, or by any of the dozens of valid reasons - she missed the connection and inclusivity that came with having a drink.

And so, Barbet was created: a full-bodied drink that's not an alcohol substitute - it's just a really nice drink, all on its own. The eye-catching can, natural ingredients, and yeah, 0% ABV enhances your drinking experience and makes drinking - not just alcohol - fun.

Shannon: You talk about switching the conversation from, "Why aren't you drinking" to "What are you drinking?". As someone who was pregnant while working for a brewery (aka everyone noticed I wasn't drinking before I was ready to share why), I love this perspective. Why is it so important to you to change the way we talk about what we're drinking?

Andrea: It's true! Inquiring about why someone's not drinking alcohol can be such an invasive question. The rituals around drinking culture are rooted in a lot of good things - celebration, coming together, connection, laughter - but somewhere along the way, society has really lost sight of that, and began focusing on the alcoholic content instead. We've all seen the 'mommy needs her wine' memes, and particularly with the pandemic, alcohol can all too easily veer into a scary territory instead of contributing to the wonderful, joyful part of celebrations. 

Shannon: You definitely hit the nail on the head when you talk about drinking being part of those celebratory moments. Whenever I'm at a party without a glass in my hand, it feels kind of weird, but it's not because I need the alcohol - I just want something to sip, or wildly gesture with. What makes Barbet such a good choice?

Katie: There's a lot of great non-alcoholic options coming out right now, but we didn't want to focus on what wasn't in our sparkling waters - we wanted to focus on the quality ingredients we did include, and what they bring to the flavour profile. Barbet is about interesting flavour combinations and beautiful liquid that's still adventurous, feels fun, and isn't something you had while you still had a spot at the kids table. We worked with friends who are nutritionists, mixologists, chefs, and artists to get their take on what they found exciting, and we spent just as much time on what the liquid itself looks like, as well as the can.

Shannon: The can is ridiculously gorgeous. It's the perfect Instagram drink, and you should collect royalties on everyone posing with it in Trinity Bellwoods this summer. 

Andrea: Of course! Like we've said, enjoying food and drink with a group, at a party, or by yourself should always be fun - it's just that alcohol doesn't have to necessarily be a part of it.

Katie: That said, we did create Barbet to pair really well with spirits added in. If you choose, a shot of vodka, gin, or tequila is an option, and we're all for elevating your drinking experience by using your finest crystal goblets and/or silly straws to enjoy.

We think Andrea and Katie have pretty good taste (again, have you seen those cans?!). For a chance to win one of their curated kits, enter your email below and enjoy everything on their list!

Katie's GoodGood picks

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  • Land of Daughter’s Hometown Aroma Spray
  • Squish Candy Peach Hearts
  • LOHN Jura Candle
  • Barbet Light Wave
  • Barbet Love Bite
  • Barbet Wild Card
  • Health Ade Watermelon Kombucha

Andrea's GoodGood picks

  • Nora Snacks
  • Hadaka Beauty Eye Mask
  • LOHN Sur
  • Honey's Mint Chip
  • Acid League Lemon Meyer
  • GFB Protein Bites (Dark Chocolate + Peanut Butter)
  • Barbet Light Wave
  • Barbet Love Bite
  • Barbet Wild Card

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