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You got questions? We got answers.

Products and makers

My your items all look wonderful! How do you decide which products to sell?
Good question my friend! We look for a couple things when discovering makers to partner with. If we've tried their product and loved it, that always makes it a pretty easy decision (particularly if it involves chocolate).

We primarily look for makers who have an amazing, high-quality product that could use some help getting the word out. Distribution and advertising is tough for small businesses, so if we can partner with a small granola maker from Fenelon Falls, Ontario, and bring their product to High Park residents, well, we're into it. We also try to focus on partners that offer sustainable packaging, organic or specialty items (plant-based, gluten-free, low sugar - stuff that's hard to find), or give back to their communities in some way, because who doesn't love that? If you've got a product you'd like to see, email us at, or check out our makers page for more info.

I have a favourite chip/soap/low-calorie sugar-free candy. Will you guys bring it in?
Maybe! Email us at and ask us. We're very friendly.


I'm part of a cool community organization and I'd love to partner with you.
Sounds cool! Send us more info at, and let's talk.

Delivery and shipping

Do you ship anywhere in the world? What about [insert your specific location]? What about [insert your other very specific location]?
We deliver in Toronto with speedy delivery times, and we also offer same day or next day shipping to many more places (details on our delivery info page). Right now, we don't ship outside of the GTA or internationally, but email us and we'll see what we can do.

Do you offer free delivery?
Ah, free delivery. Was there ever a phrase that sounded so sweet? We offer free delivery on orders of $60+, and have plenty of lower priced treats to add on that are just perfect for hitting that sweet, sweet minimum order for free shipping.

Is there a minimum amount to qualify for shipping?
There is! It's $20 (otherwise known as 2 Honey's mint chocolate chip ice creams or 9 grapefruit Sap Sucker sparkling waters or 14 bags of C'est Bon Bon cocktail mix.

Can I get ice cream shipped to me, too?
That depends. If you're within our instant delivery radius, ice cream's on the menu! If you're outside of that range, we don't want to send melted ice cream, so we don't offer it at this time.

Troubles + struggles

I've got a bone to pick. How do I get in touch with someone?
Email us at, and we'll do our best to ensure you're satisfied.



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