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Enjoy giving the perfect gift?

Well sure, who doesn't?  GoodGood's got you covered with thoughtful and unique gifts for every occasion, plus lightning-fast delivery. Perfect for last minute gifting.


Well sure who doesn't?

Handpicked items

Curated picks from local brands and some hard-to-find favourites. Hot sauce? Yes. Candles? Yes. Candies? Absolutely.

Lightening fast delivery

Send off to your BFF, boss, or dogwalker with 60 minute delivery in Toronto. Farther out? Enjoy next-day GTA delivery.

Be good, feel good

We believe in the good stuff: Buying local. Supporting our community. No price gouging. And always saying thank you.


Your go-to for curated everything

The most convenient not-a-convenience store ever. Your go to source for last minute gifting and curated local delights.

With so many new and exciting snacks, craft beers, and coffee varieties coming in on the daily, it can be tough to figure out just where to start here at GoodGood. Seaweed snacks? Candles that turn into planters? That hot sauce that's the perfect blend of sweet, spicy, and wait a sec, is that a hint of mint I taste?

To help you out, we've put together some categories to help you find just what you're looking for. Take a look around and see if anything excites your senses, and hey, you can always hit us up on social for some specific recommendations of just what to get your dog walker who's trying to give up sugar (yet still has a sweet tooth). If you'd rather explore yourself, hey, we support that too. We've got a little of everything, from keto-friendly snacks, to sweet little gifts for the people in your life, to tonight's dinner. And we're always bringing in new makers and items, so if you don't see something you want, let us know.

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