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Be Good Friends with GoodGood

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Our mission here at GoodGood is to spread a little goodness around, whether that's snacks, beverages, or hmm, perhaps a limited-time referral program that rewards you with up to 25% off at GoodGood for life (seriously).

We looked at referral programs around the world, and thought there's gotta be a better way to provide value to our most loyal pals. So after a few Zoom meetings, a couple heated Slack convos, and a lot of, "That's epic!" from Kris, we built Good Friends, which rewards you for the rest of your life*.

*Maximum 150 years of age, should cryogenic freezing become an option.

How it works:

Sold! How do I refer?

Grab a pen, because this is very complex:

Step 1: share this link with friends:

Step 2: At the bottom of the page, ask them to enter your name.

Once your pal places an order, you'll be on your way to receive 25% off for life. Post on Slack, Facebook, your neighbourhood bulletin board - do your thang.

The fine print

This discount doesn't apply to alcohol once it becomes available, and your friends need to order in order for your referrals to count towards your lifetime discount. From time to time we'll run different promos and always give you the best deal available, a.k.a. you can't stack this killer deal. Also, you can't refer yourself, you sneaky little cheetah.

This round of referrals only lasts through 2021, so get in while the gettin's good!

(Some very real friends, pictured below.)


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