Curated picks from our friends at GoodGood

GoodGood is all about making it easy to discover brands you'll be sure to love. But we get that it can be tough to figure out exactly where to start. Seaweed snacks? Candles that turn into planters? Hot sauce that's the perfect blend of sweet, spicy?

To help you out, we've called upon a couple super-special pals to put together a few of their faves. Take a look and make it easy on yourself by copying from them. After all: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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Allana's top picks

Whether it's saying hydrated and energized with Pluck Tea + Wake Water... getting your protein dose from Midday Squares, or indulging with some frozen treats from Honey's or Dream Pops... Allana's got you covered.

Andrew's picks

A lover of all things savoury, but also all things sweet? Andrew likes the best of both worlds. Work hard, train hard, play hard. After a long week, a General Assembly Pepperoni Pie with Orange Cream City Seltzer is a no brainer. The Snack Conscious Chocolate Brownie Bites are the perfect night cap. For those weekend long runs, there’s nothing more satisfying than a Ontarieau after a Sunday morning run.

Aysha's favourites

A candy lover, Squish brings Aysha flashbacks of childhood, while Lesser Evil Power Curls give her the perfect crunch for snack time with a kick of protein. Wash it all down with a grapefruit Sap Sucker or Wild Tea Kombucha, then what the heck, have some Comeback Snacks just for fun!

Shannon's favourites

After days of research and hours of rigorous testing, Shannon curated some of their top items from GoodGood just for you. Wow, they've got such great taste! Check 'em out and let them know which items you loved.

Tim's picks

They used to know me as "that guy with a case of club soda at his desk", but now they know me as "that guy who buys up all the Ontarieau." Sparkling water, teas, and more...all with little to no sugar! Plus some Heart Beat Hot Sauce... because Thunder Bay rocks!

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