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Perks for everyone!

We like to take care of our Good Friends. What does that mean for you? How about big savings on your daily caffeine fix and free, full-sized samples every month of some of the most interesting new products we carry. You can choose one perk from the makers listed below per online order.


Protein bites that taste like dessert

GoodGood is thrilled to partner up with SnackConscious who has magically created a healthy snack that actually tastes like dessert. 
It’s (fun)ctional snacking with:
😊 plant-based fermented protein blend to easily absorb & digest protein
✨prebiotic fibre & dairy-free probiotic to support digestion and keep your gut happy
🍄 adaptogenic reishi, cordyceps & maca to boost mood, increase energy and reduce stress

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Offer details

1 flavour per customer with any non-coffee marketplace or online order while supplies last.

Healthy, active beer lovers unite!

Athletic Brewing Co. Run Wild IPA

The craft beer revolution, spearheaded by Athletic Brewing~ They have brought all of the complexities and flavours of craft beer but with none of the alcohol. We want you to try this incredible alternative beer with any marketplace or online purchase.

65 calories per 355 ml can

5 blended Northwestern hops 

Approachable bitterness to balance the specialty malt body

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Get one free Run Wild can with the purchase of any marketplace item in-store or online. This offer is only valid while supplies last. 1 per person.

Grab Your Coolers 

Ace Hill x Cottage Springs x GA Pizza for $15.99

Try out some of Ace Hill and Cottage Springs new drinks - and we'll throw in your favourite General Assembly Frozen Pizza for only $1! This offer includes Ace Hill's Carb Free Beer, plus 4 different flavours of Cottage Springs Vodka Iced Teas. Three great brands together with a sweet combo, perfect for a night in - or before you go out.
Items Included:
General Assembly Mila Margherita Frozen Pizza - Regular Price $10.99
1X Ace Hill Carb Free Beer - Regular Price $2.99
4X Cottage Springs Vodka Iced Tea (1 of each flavour) - Regular Price $2.99
Total value: $25+

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Offer details

Must be 19+ to purchase. Enjoy responsibly. 

You aren't dreaming

Henderson Dream Soda 

Henderson brings you a new kind of fizz with all of the flavour that anyone in the family can enjoy. This classic cream soda has half of the sugar of those regular ol' pops. Dream Soda is a must try for every fizzy connoisseur of any age and every pop drinker who has been craving something nostalgic.

50% less sugar than traditional soda

0% ABV & kid-friendly

Made in Toronto, Ontario

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Offer details

Get one free Dream soda with the purchase of any marketplace item in-store or online. This offer is only valid while supplies last. 1 per person.

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