Sessionable Summer Beers
for your City Adventures

By Michelle Hempstock

Michelle here! I’m the Manager at our St Clair GoodGood location and a self-proclaimed beer geek. I’ve been passionate about beer for over six years from both a social and working aspect! I even worked at Henderson Brewing for a few years and have been a part of the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies, helping run events and social media. Plus, you can also catch me flexing with an Ontario Beer Guide Magazine called The Growler. Seriously… I love beer! When GoodGood appeared on my radar - I knew I had struck something GOOD! Since we’re halfway through summer, I wanted to chime in with a guide on some must-try beers you need to add to your drinking bucket list before autumn hits.

Here’s a guide to some fantastic session-able summer brews we are swooning over here at GoodGood, available for instant delivery and in our marketplace fridges. 

Left Field Glorioso Pilsner

A few years back, I was on a pilsner journey and wanted to learn to love and appreciate a good, classic pilsner. Now I can’t stop! Glorioso is one of my favourites - I find this crispy boi has a bit of a savoury finish that comes through with food but is still very refreshing on its own.
GoodGood Food Pairing: Cheese Boutique Jack XO Cheese & Pretzel Crisps Garlic Parmesan. 

Henderson Food Truck Blonde Ale

This tried, and true brew will never lead you astray. This summer classic was born as a perfect beer to pair with the food truck foods that used to pop up at the Henderson Brewery on the weekends. This blonde ale is light enough for a Bud drinker to feel at home in a craft beer scene. It’s really a crowd favourite, and we can’t keep it restocked fast enough in the shop!
GoodGood Food Pairing: General Assembly Loving Cup and Sung Korean Hot Sauce

Sawdust City Brewing Patio Nights 

I trade out my Sawdust Viva La Stout every year for this Patio Nights Sangria Pale Ale! This pale ale is fruity and juicy and mimics all the best parts of sangria. Blending these two classic bevies is a dream for this gal. I can guarantee you probably haven’t had a beer like this before, so I challenge you to try this if you’re new to beer or looking to dip your toes in some ales, especially if you usually reach for sours or ciders.
GoodGood Food Pairing: Mad Mexican Guacamole & Nacho Chips

Town Brewery Outside Jokes Pale Ale

No jokes here. Seriously. This pale ale is the perfect balance of juiciness with a slight bitterness that always has you reaching for another sip! This isn’t as bitter or heavy in mouthfeel as a classic hazy, juice bomb IPA. It’s a stepping stone to full fledge IPAs. The aromas and hop flavours on this one are heavy on stone fruit. If you like apricots, mangoes, and peaches - this might be right for you!

Crush this baby with Prizm Jerky Blazin’ Buffalo and thank me later! 

Kensington Cold Beer, Warm Day Ale

#IYKYK - this beer is a Toronto summer STAPLE! She went through some rebranding a few years ago when Kensington wanted to spruce up and simplify their beer names. Honestly, people think I’m joking when I mention the name of this beer, but the name perfectly captivates the taste and vibe! I look forward to it’s release every summer. It’s on the lighter side with a refreshing amount of natural watermelon flavour (with just a little floral taste and aroma to make her extra interesting). This beer embodies the refreshing bite into a slice of juicy watermelon! I especially love this with a greek salad - because if you’ve ever had a watermelon feta salad - then you know the contrast is so quirky and refreshing!

GoodGood Food Pairing: Honey’s Plant-based Strawberry Ice Cream

Blood Brothers Blood Light 

Who doesn’t love a juicy little crusher? I mean - lower abv but still full of flavour? Sign me up. Anything from Blood Brothers. They produce such high-quality liquid and always look to create unique offerings with iconic label art and fun names. This short can is only 4% and is perfect for sipping on a warm summer day. It hits the spot when I’m craving an IPA without the high ABV! Session IPAs are definitely a summer best practice to keep a nice vibe and pace.
GoodGood Food Pairing: Fruitful Market - Vegetarian Lasagna