Earl Grey Cream - 15 Tea Bag Box

Earl Grey Cream - 15 Tea Bag Box

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This distinctive and delicious remix of traditional Earl Grey is our top selling tea. Featuring a soft bergamot character, creamy vanilla bean finish, and a full bodied black tea flavour - this blend is a standout. A perfect dairy - free alternative for Earl Grey lovers who would traditionally add a splash of milk - this tea is delicious and smooth on it's own. Blended and packed in Canada. Delicious on its own, with milk, and makes a great tea (hot or cold) latte.

100% natural ingredients: Black tea, Cornflower petals, Natural flavour

The Health Benefits: Tea is simply loaded with antioxidants – in fact two cups of tea contain the antioxidant levels of seven glasses of orange juice, or four apples! While tea does contain caffeine this caffeine is bundled with several compounds that work to prevent an energy ‘spike’ and promote a gentler, extended ‘lift’ to help sustain energy and focus throughout the day.

Size: 30 g

Contains: 15 tea bags

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